Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to Shreveport

Drove 7 hours, all of it in a heavy rain, from Austin, Texas to Shreveport, Louisiana on Monday to audition for the new Edward Norton film Leaves of Grass. It was good to get back there, and enjoyed staying in one of the cool casino/hotels on the Boardwalk.

It was scary to see six (!) car accidents on the way up, most of them people driving stupidly in the rain. Conjured up images from my family blog post a few months back.

I stunk up my last audition in S'port, which was a cool role nailed by fellow Austinite Luis Rolon. I'm happy that Luis got the part. He's a good guy, and fellow TAGer. I think I acquitted myself on this go-round. Even though we never know, I was happy with my work, and that's all I can ask.

But man, it's a long drive for a 5-minute audition...


Katherine Willis said...

Hey Curtis, I just turned down an audition in New Orleans. I don't know what it is about the ju ju, but when I kill myself travelling for auditions, I rarely do well! Plus there's the safety issues: weather, driving when tired, etc. After a friend was almost fatally killed in an accident, I'm reluctant to travel to audition.

If we were in L.A. or NYC, we wouldn't be asked to travel so far on our own dime. It's always a conflict, and one that I never seem to resolve. :)

Curtis Wayne said...

Hey, Katherine!

I don't know WTH happened, but guess I never got the auto-email about your post. So humble apologies for the *extremely* late reply!

I hope things have been great for you. I think the last time I saw you was that wonderful talk you gave to the Austin Alliance at Mother Egan's.

Are you still teaching the acting class? I'd love to have coffee sometime and compare notes. Mary and I are rocking along, now with 2 kids in tow, and enjoying every minute. I've pretty much left corporate life behind, and hope to continue that way; we'll see. One must have one's snacks, after all.

Holla, girl!