Friday, November 8, 2013

Bright House Loft House and a Day in the Sun

Enjoyed a day in a way cool loft house over in Elgin, Texas with the team at Fueld Films, shooting a commercial for Time-Warner subsidiary Bright House cable services.  Also got to reunite with one of the Gore Girls, Meredith Johns, whom I hadn't seen since we worked together on Mark Vittek's black comedy Meat, and Andi, the 1st AD that I first met back in the red-clay-dog-days of Prison Break  (Season 3).

We jammed to the sounds of the director on the piano and guitar, talked football with Brook, the 2nd AD, and chowed down on some authentic Elgin BBQ.  I got compared by one of the client producers to "a young Pete Rose" and Henry Rollins.  You decide.

Between takes, I was queitly directing global teams for a Fortune 50 company from my cell phone, with no one the wiser.  I felt like a super-spy.  Acting meets consulting; high-tech and high touch converge in Elgin.

With BBQ sauce.