Sunday, August 17, 2014

Texas Justice on ABC's "American Crime"

I was feeling very Robert Duvall-y in Episode 103 of ABC's American Crime, as the "old bull" cop to Brady Alland's "young bull" cop, as we work the beat, keeping our friend Ziko Farajzada ("Marco" on the show) on the straight and narrow.

As always, was a pleasure to work with friendly, professional, and capable Austin, Texas crew. Muchas gracias to casting director Beth Sepko for the read, and my homies James and Claudia at TAG for rustling up the biz!  Special thanks to Director Gloria Muzio; she created a very comfortable environment for the actors.

Best of luck to Brady, Ziko, and muchacho Edgar, all of whom are committed to the acting biz, and have lots of great credits already.  No doubt we'll see them in the big time soon!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Going out in a blaze of glory on NBC's Revolution

Tune in to the Season 2 Finale of NBC's popular sci-fi show Revolution, currently being filmed here in Austin, Texas, to see General Curtis Wayne blasted to kingdom come.  Shout out to Beth Sepko and my great agents (James, Liz, Claudia) at TAG for the booking.  Had a blast reuniting with Katherine Willis, and meeting some wonderful new friends, like Mark Chavarria and David Lyons.

If this was the show's swan song, at least we both went out with a BANG!