Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Go to Prison, do not pass "Go"

My wife sent me to prison.

Sort of. Actually, my agent Liz Atherton sent me. But my wife kicked my ass to go, when I was about to wuss out. You know, these auditions are long shots, and it’s hard to get motivated, especially when your life is hectic, work is slamming, and you’re driving 4 hours each way just for the opportunity to be rejected.

Or, in this case, sent to the Big House.

I landed on the set of Fox TV’s hugely popular hit show ‘Prison Break’, and spent two 16-hour days baking in rock-hard clay in the center of a steaming prison set in a former, uh, prison in downtown Dallas, Texas, with 150 of my newest friends and fellow inmates. By night, when the temperature dropped a bit, we were soaked under industrial-strength rain sticks perched about 4 stories above us. It was, I have to say, pretty fucking miserable.

But oh, what a great look for that scene.

As the pic shows, even the sun glaring in my eyes kicks my butt, not to mention the two toughs on either side of me! (Nice guys, though- really.)

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