Sunday, April 13, 2008

The LATEX Connection

My good buddy Mike Alvarez has struck again. Thanks to Mike, I can officially say that I have a TV pilot deal in development. Now, that and $1.50 will get me a cup of coffee, but at least I can join the ranks of professional writers who utter that mantra on the way to their meantime jobs (probably at Starbuck's).

Mike is an experienced cinematographer and producer, and has been working with some high-powered names in LA-la Land (and Louisiana, and overseas) to produce a series of films for his fledgling studio group.

We first met about 10 years ago, back in Edinburg, Texas, thanks to a mutual friend named Karen Flanagan, who used to own the most excellent music venue Cadillac Jack's. We've been working together ever since to get a major film project off the ground- Mike from L.A., and me from Texas, hence the "LATEX" connection.

Now, it is absolute death to say things like this out loud, but I feel lucky, punk. I've been kicking around an idea for a TV series, and one of Mike's long-time friends is a former Big 3 studio television producer. I pitched my idea to Mike, he forwarded to his friend, who loved the idea. He agreed to come on board as Executive Producer.

We're putting together the rest of the team. While on the set of Prison Break, I met a very cool lady named Seve, who is an exec for a Big 4 studio. She also loved the idea, and agreed to be on the team.

I did the "springboards" (the plot summaries) for the first season, all 22 episodes, but I'm sure we could use an experienced TV writing crew to bring it to life.

So, if you know any good writers, give me a shout, OK?

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