Saturday, February 28, 2009

Agent Liz Atherton Interview on TFS podcast

The latest episode of my Internet radio show, the Texas Film Scene podcast, is now up on iTunes.

Liz Atherton was a financial analyst and Project Manager for large companies before purchasing a fledgling talent agency in the suburbs of Austin, Texas, 16 years ago. Since then, Liz has built the former Ciao Talents into one of the premier Texas talent agencies. Under the new moniker The Atherton Group, or TAG Talent, the company recently opened offices in Los Angeles, Louisiana, and New Mexico. It appears 10th on a list of IMDB's "power" talent agencies, ranking ahead of much more established players. She is an early member and sponsor of the Texas Motion Picture Alliance, which is working to attract feature film and television production to Texas. She is a wife, and proud mother of four wonderful children. 

She's also my agent.  

Download the episode free from iTunes, or check the show notes, and download directly from here.

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