Sunday, June 7, 2009

Texas native is semi-finalist in Netflix contest

Houston native Robbie Pickering is a semi-finalist in the Netflix Find Your Voice competition, which offers a prize package worth $350,000. Robbie asked that fellow Texas filmmakers vote for his trailer Natural Selection.
NOTE: The above movie is NOT Robbie's film. Click the "Visit and Vote" button to get to the semi-finalist page, and look for Natural Selection. Then tell Netflix that their "Share Video" feature randomly sucks.
It would be a great thing for a Texas filmmaker to win. Cruise over to the Netflix site and help a brother out. Check out the other fine trailers, too, from several talented filmmakers around the world.

Good luck, Robbie!


Unknown said...

You have the wrong link/ are promoting Future Weather instead of Natural Selection.

Curtis Wayne said...

Sadly, the Netflix widget is broken. It only lets people embed a link with that one film (or at least, that's all I could get after 6 attempts). I put the link to Robbie's film in the body of the post.

We should spam Netflix to let them know about the problem.

reginazap said...

I just watched NATURAL SELECTION. Very funny. Good luck, Robbie. FILM TEXAS!