Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reunion rapture with friends on HBO's "The Leftovers"

The biblical rapture has come, and guess who didn't make the cut?  These f*%#ers!  Shocking, I know.

The creators (no pun intended) of Lost and Friday Night Lights have brought Austin, Texas another major TV series, this one on HBO.  The Leftovers is a show about what happens when 2% of the population mysteriously disappears in what is presumed to be the great Biblical event, and what happens to the rest of us schlubs.

I'm pleased to be acting in episodes 202 and 203, directed by Mimi Leder.  The show stars Justin Theroux (Parks & Rec, Six Feet Under, yadda yadda), Liv Tyler ('nuff said), and many more excellent actors, plus the always awesome Austin A-crews.

Filmed in the quaint Austin 'burb of Lockhart (site of my first General Mills cereal commercial!), I was thrilled to catch up with fellow acting mates David Blackwell and Ben Taylor.  Great guys, and a joy to work with (both are wonderful in their scenes).

Many thanks to Liz and Jorge at The Atherton Group, and to Emmy-winning Beth Sepko for the read.

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